CNY Yorkies

​Conditions of This Contract



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Approved as owner of the bitch


1. The whelping of at least one puppy, dead or alive, shall constitute a litter. Our job is to breed your bitch, we are not responsible as to how many pups your bitch has or to the health and state of the puppies anytime during or after the pregnancy. 

2.  I hereby agree to sign litter registration application, when it applies, app one proper evidence of puppies; but not prior to 10 days of age or beyond 10 weeks of age.

3.  Any other terms shall be noted on the other side of this contract and signed by both parties 

Condition of Terms For Puppy

Fee paid is non-refundable in whole or part if stud attempts were unsuccessful for any reason whatsoever.

If no pregnancy occurs, a free stud service shall be provided only at the NEXT heat of the SAME bitch, and to my same stud if available, otherwise we will provide another stud. There will be no refund of cash fee if the second service results in no pregnancy again. 

Stud Service Contract 

AKC Abbe's Gus: Champion Blood Line

    300.00 fee without AKC registration

   500.00 fee with AKC registration

AKC Abbe's Oliver: Sired 8 litters. 

    200.00 fee with no AKC registration

    400.00 fee with AKC registration. 

​Yorkie Stud Service

I,_______________________________of CNYyorkies, at 145 Sanford Ave, Clinton NY 13323, declare to be owner of stud, known under the registration name and number of______________________. I hereby state that I have successfully bred the following both known under the registration name and number of_______________________. Located at,__________________________________________________. On the day of__________. Whelping as a result of this breading should take place on or about the date,_________. For the above service i have received a cash payment of_________.

I hereby certify that: actual mating was accomplished on the above date mentioned, to the above mentioned stud. Reasonable care was taken to ensure that there was no access to any other dog capable of inducing pregnancy during the period that the bitch was in my possession. I have not knowingly exposed her to any infectious or contagious disease. 

​Approved as owner of the stud