CNY Yorkies

About Us! 

               We live is a small  town in Central New York. Right now there are just three of us. Every time the nest begins to empty someone comes home. Not complaining we love it. Our youngest daughter is . And her older brother is moving back home .My husband and I have been married over fourty-nine years, and have raised our six children. We currently  have 16 grandchildren . My husband is a bivocational pastor/ contractor. And I do child care and raise Yorkies. Over 12 years ago our youngest daughter began asking if she could get a dog. After seeing our dream dog in a pet store several months earlier, my husband and I agreed to let her buy her dog. As a Christmas gift to my daughter, from her dad, myself, and her Aunt Sue, we gave her the money to purchase her dog. Her dog Cuby was so much fun, we decided to buy another one, and another! Then we decided to share our little friends and sell Yorkies. My children tell me that every time I buy another yorkie I'm buying  one to replace each  of them as they move away. We hope that you will choose to purchase one of our puppies and I'm sure you will enjoy them as much as we have.