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CNY Yorkies

           A $100 deposit is required which is non-refundable.

    This is puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of the sale. The buyer has 48 hours in which he/she is required to have the puppy examined by a certified by a Veterinarian. If Vet finds anything genetically wrong ( related to blood-line only) with puppy a full refund will be given. At which time the buyer must return the puppy and all the paper work to the seller within 24 hours of the exam that detected the defect before a refund will be given. The seller reserves the right for a second opinion from another Veterinarian (if needed). If within 48 hours of the purchase the puppy dies an autopsy must be obtained ( at the buyers expense) to determine the cause of death. A full refund will be given ONLY if the death is caused by a hereditary factor. 

     The seller is not responsible for Vet bill or any other bills once the puppy leaves sellers home. Once the puppy has cleared the initial vet exam it will be understood that the seller had provided a healthy pup and the care of the pup is now in the hands of the buyer.  If you choose not to have your puppy vet checked, the health guarantee is void.  Please remember that your new puppy can be stressed from too much handling or change of diet. 

      The puppy is not guaranteed to be of show quality or as to size or color.  Our puppies do not leave us until they are 10-12 weeks, depending on their size.

        In the event of death or illness prior to pick up of the puppy a full refund will be given.

     Terms and Conditions of Sale

                                                                   (Note: Please read carefully, print, sign and date)