CNY Yorkies

Nothing to Sneeze About

Yorkies are said to be hypoallergenic.

This is because they have hair, not fur.

This doesn't mean they won't shed or trigger allergies in people. Most people are allergic to fur not hair. However, dander allergy is something you can have with any dog. When yorkies shed it isn't noticeable. The hair they do shed will get tangled up with live hair, which causes matting. This is why brushing is so important. You may notice some shedding when you brush or bath your dog. There isn't a true shedding cycle.

Your Dogs Allergies

There are things your dog should never eat, such as: Nuts, candy, avocados, onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, alcohol, caffeine ( coffee, tea, and coco), and dairy, for a more complete list go to, Remember these dogs are small and it doesn't take much change in their diet to upset there stomach. There are also plants to be careful of, as well as shampoos, and house hold cleaners. So when you clean, go green.

Chew on This

Regular dental care is vital

to maintaining your dogs teeth.

Bushing their teeth daily is

important to dental health.

Their teeth come in when they're

about one month old,

at 4-7 months they loose their baby teeth.

When they're teething they

will chew on everything, and

I mean everything. Be sure to have appropriate chew toys for them to chew


Did you know that a yorkies sweat gland is between their paw pads?

The yorkie life span is about 12-15


The average size littler of a yorkie is 2-3 pups.

T-cup yorkies are 2lbs or less. They

live about 5-8 years.

The smallest yorkie recorded in the Guinness World Book of Records is Sylvia. She weighed only 4oz, was 2.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches long, and only lived a few years.



Crate training is important. It is a way to protect your dog. When they are puppies they will eat anything they find. Your dogs crate should be clean and have plenty of room. They like a soft little bed with a blanket. When your dog is outside his/her crate you should leave the door open. When you put them in their crate, reward them. They will soon enter very willingly. Eventually a one word command ( in or bed) is enough for them to understand that you expect them to enter their crate. Always have fresh water in the crate, along with a small amount of dry dog food just in-case something happens and you don't return them when you expected.  Do not, however, make this your dogs permanent home. They need play time and walk time. The advantage of a small dog is that they can get most of their exercise in-doors. However they do love walks, except in cold weather. Remember! Don't isolate, socialize.

Did You Know?

Teeth Care